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What is a Step and Repeat & Why Does Your Business Need One?

Step and repeats are an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness by getting your logo and company name featured in the backgrounds of images that'll be used everywhere, from newspapers to Facebook profile pics. A step and repeat banner also adds a distinctly hip factor to any event, and gives off the impression that you represent a legit company. If you've got a step and repeat, your shindig is officially swanky – and worthy of Instagramming selfies from. You don't need to roll out the red carpet for a step and repeat to work its magic – they're just as useful at trade shows, conventions, demo days, grand openings and every other kind of event that you want your company to have a real presence at.

Why Should Business Owners Invest in Step and Repeat Backdrops?

- They provide free advertising for your brand. Location, location, location – that's what you'll get with a step and repeat banner bearing your company's branding. How? It's prime advertising real estate as Facebook and Twitter profile pictures, which often remain in place for months at a time. Or even just as general photos that're uploaded to profiles – they tend to get a lot of engagement.

- They can give you expensive photos on the cheap. A step and repeat is also a clever way to get recognition for your business from whomever poses in front of it. Grab pictures with thought leaders, in

dustry executives and/or celebrities in front of your backdrop, and you'll walk away from the event with images you'll use for years to come.

- They make your company stand out at trade shows. Step and repeats make for impressive backdrops to your booth or table at trade shows and conventions. You'll look more professional, attract more people to your space and earn the envy of other exhibitors.

- They provide a fantastic return on investment. You're going to own a giant advertisement that people actually want to spread around for you, so the possibilities for using it will begin to pop up all over your radar. Charity events that you co-sponsor, grand openings, trade shows, conferences – if there will be camera-happy people present, your step and repeat should be there as well. Plus, you can use the same one for years.

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